How to Make Your Own Proxy Website



Proxy Websites have become a very important part of internet.Proxy Websites allow Web Users to bypass the firewall restrictions and allow access to the blocked websites.

In this tutorial i will guide you on how to easily make a web based proxy website.All tools that are required in this tutorial can be obtained free of cost.

Skills Required

  • Basic Understand Of setting Up a Website and using FTP to upload files to a web server.

Required Tools

  1. Proxy script.        (Download PHP-Proxy Script)
  2. Proxy hosting.     (Just Google For “Free Proxy Hosting”)
  3. You will need a Domain name to access your proxy from anywhere in the world.You can use a sub-domain from your free web-hosting provider or you can get a free top level domain for your proxy from .

Once you have gathered all the above required things simply place the PHP-Proxy script into the appropriate location at your web-host under your domain and you have successfully created a website.